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2012-2013 Committee appointments made  

   Members can easily become part of the structure that decides the goals and direction of NEARI. There are many opportunities for them to discover their interests in the Association committees listed below.
    President Larry Purtill appointed members to these committees at the  Executive Committee meeting February 6, 2012.   Email Cheryl Hawes ( for more information.

NEARI Committees

Budget: Chaired by the NEARI treasurer, the Budget Committee presents a yearly budget recommendation to the Executive Committee and Delegate Assembly for adoption.

Legislative Commission: Chaired by the vice president, the Commission develops NEARI’s legislative program for the upcoming legislative session and takes positions on approximately 400-500 bills each year. It meets five-six times to complete its work, and it is important that each local be represented.

NEARI-PACE (20 appointments available): NEARI-PACE is the political action arm of the organization. This committee interviews and makes recommendations in political races on the state and federal level. Each local is required to have representation, beyond the president’s 20 appointments.

Member Rights: Chaired by the vice president, the Member Rights Committee hears appeals of members who wish to challenge their local associations’ decisions regarding their rights on such issues as legal representation and discrimination.

Personnel: Comprised of statewide officers and appointees, this committee’s responsibility is to handle personnel issues such as staffing and contract negotiations, and to make related recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Public Awareness: This committee works with the communications director to plan and implement programs such as Read Across America and the NEARI 5K Run.

Member Benefits: This committee researches and recommends programs to benefit our members in such areas as financial planning, credit cards, and insurance.

Resolutions: The purpose of the committee is to develop resolutions that guide the organization, and present those Resolutions to the May Delegate Assembly for adoption.

Constitution and By-Laws (limited to five members by the By-Laws): This committee reviews the Constitution and By-Laws, making recommendations for change to the NEARI Executive Committee and Delegate Assembly.

New Members/Cummunication: A committee designed to involve newer and younger members in the Association as well the best avenues to communicate with members.

Let Teachers Teach:  A committee comprised of local leaders to spearhead special projects.

NEARI and NEA Resolutions are formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief, or position of the Association, consistent with its state and national goals.
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