Part-Time Faculty Association

Agenda for 11/15 Membership Meeting @4:30 Room 1134 Knight Campus

1.       We will discuss the upcoming J-Term and ask members present to express their opinion on it.

2.       A discussion regarding the Tentative Contract Agreement (T.A.) ratified by our membership in October and a new Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in regards to the upcoming January Term

3.       If members so will it, we will vote to reaffirm October’s ratification vote along with the J-Term MOA.

4.       Members in attendance will have the opportunity to amend the by-laws to create a new position:

5.3 Vice President of Membership and Outreach
a. Works to enlist new members


b. Works on ways to get current members more involved


c. Maintains our local’s membership list and makes sure it is up to date each semester


d. Co-Chairs with the President any by-laws committees


5.       All candidates for office will have the opportunity to address the members in attendance

6.       Members in attendance vote to approve the slate of candidates.

Zdenko Juskuv (Candidate for President)

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Zdenko Juskuv and I am the currently serving as the President of the local. In my role, I've helped lead our organization to two contracts--our very first and our most recent--which have increased our pay, benefits and protections.

Over the next two years our organization will face new challenges, such as handling the growth of the college, navigating changes such as a new J-term, and most of all, increasing the size of our membership while helping our current members become more involved in the CCRI-PTFA and the college as a whole.

I very much hope I can help lead us in overcoming these challenges and making progress together. With your support, I'm confident that we'll continue to grow in both numbers and strength and make a positive difference at the college.


Joel Gluck (Candidate for VP)

Joel is our current Vice President. In that position he has worked tirelessly on behalf of our members. His record speaks for itself: he has never lost a grievance, successfully winning members additional compensation or lost seniority credit.

Joel also chaired our most recent negotiations and helped bring us pay raises and other added benefits.

Langdon Clough (Candidate for VP)

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Langdon Clough and I am running for Vice President of the CCRI Part-time Faculty Union. This campaign is not against any particular person but for the opportunity to help take the organization to a new level of professionalism and success. I am asking for the opportunity to take on the challenge of handling the boring administrative tasks that most of us try to avoid but are so vital for helping an organization run smoothly.

Among the challenges we face are maintaining the current membership and attract those who are not members to join so that we can be more unified and successful in our quest for the professional status we deserve. In order to accomplish this, the operations of the Union need to be revised to make the members feel more a part of the process and decision-making. They need to receive timely information in order to develop the right questions to ask leadership, efforts should be made to ensure that important changes to Bylaws or the Contract are distributed far enough in advance of the deadline for a vote to insure that important questions that members raise are addressed fully. Mail ballots should be used whenever possible so more members can vote, and meetings should be conducted according to standards used in other organization (i.e. Roberts Rules of Order) so that those who do make the effort to attend will feel that win or lose on a particular issue, everything was done in a fair and open manner and that their voices are being heard. All officer’s reports should be readily available to members.

Much has been accomplished by the leadership over the past few years. I am confident that once the organization finds a pathway to attract more active participation, many of the excellent ideas and concerns that have been expressed to me can start to be addressed collectively.

I have a long history of working in Higher Education, teaching in multiple disciplines and serving in administrative and formal consulting roles. This is complimented by a long history of leadership in public and private organizations. Since the creation of the association was first introduced, I have been active in trying to influence it. One of my biggest concerns was the development of the Bylaws which I felt contained serious omissions and closed loops that would thwart democratic practices and create impressions of unfairness. In discussions with many of you and from what I have witnessed at the general meetings, we can make things a lot better.

I respectfully ask for your support. When your ballot arrives in the mail, please vote. It should be your organization.   



Langdon D. Clough

Maureen O'Gorman (Candidate for Treasurer)

Prior to transitioning my career over to academics, I was a Vice President at one of the world's largest investment banks, State Street Corporation, where I worked both in the mutual fund accounting departments and in the information technology department.


I am currently an adjunct faculty member in the Social Sciences Department. I have taught in the Knight campus, Flanagan, Liston and at the ACI in both medium and maximum facilities for the Community College.  I have a BA in economics a BS in finance and I hold a Master of Arts in history.  In addition to my work at CCRI, I am also an interim adult educator at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections education unit helping students to earn a GED.


I have training in Lean & Six Sigma Process Improvement so I'm always working towards making things better, and more transparent. In 2015 I served on the University of Rhode Island Foundation's Strategic Improvement Committee as a volunteer.


I was a member of the negotiating team for the most recent contract, this has inspired me to want to bring my business expertise and experience in service to my fellow faculty members.   I hope that my participation in the part-time faculty Association will give me the opportunity of making things better for the students and part-time faculty of the Community College of Rhode Island.

Donna Raptakis (Candidate for Secretary)

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Dr. Donna Raptakis, and I am currently your Secretary for the PTFA. I have been the Secretary for our union for the past two contracts. I bring 35 years of teaching experience, with 21 of those years being a Principal. I have been a Part Time Faculty member since 2008. I have worked diligently on both contract negotiation committees to assist in bringing to you a contract which increased our annual salaries and provides benefits for all of us. I am committed to educating our students and working with all of you as a TEAM, so that we can move forward together at CCRI and continue to improve our school community for all.



News and Events

Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately, our membership meeting tomorrow will have to be delayed. Please see me email for a full explanation. 

Officer elections will also have to be delayed, though they will still take place in November. The deadline for nominations remains tomorrow by 6 p.m. Contact NEARI or myself if you are interested.

Once new dates are ready, we will share them with you.

Office: Knight Campus, Room 3128


Your union leadership


Zdenko Juskuv

Zdenko ("Z") has been teaching in the English Department at CCRI since 2010. He also teaches in the First-Year Writing program at Rhode Island College. Prior to that, he earned a Master of Arts degree in English at Boston College, where he also taught First-Year Writing. Z has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhode Island College.

Email Z

Vice President, Grievance Chair

Joel Gluck


Connie Gallo

Connie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, currently enrolled in a Doctorate Program – Dissertation phase in Behavioral Forensic Sciences, and holds a  state certificate in Translation & Interpretation (Spanish).  Connie holds a clinical licensure in social work, maintains a private practice and a full time job with the state of RI.  Connie is also a board member of the Licensing at the RI Health Department. She has taught at North Shore Community College and at CCRI since 2009.

Email Connie


Dr. Donna Raptakis

Dr. Donna Raptakis has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Master's Degree in Special Education, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. She holds Certifications in the following areas: Middle/Secondary Special Education Teacher, Administrator of Special Education, Superintendent of Schools, Teacher of Elementary K-6 and Elementary/Middle School Principal. She has been an educator in the public schools for 33 years. After twenty-one years as an Elementary School Principal, Dr. Raptakis decided to pursue her career as a Professor of Writing and Leadership at the College Level. She has taught at Bryant University and has been an adjunct professor teaching at the Community College of Rhode Island in English and Reading since 2008 and at the New England Institute of Technology. 

During her tenure as Principal, Dr. Raptakis was a strong advocate for educating all students and always sought out funding to enhance teaching and learning for her faculty and students. She was an avid grant writer for the district and was awarded many technology grants for her schools and presented at National Conferences in the area of technology. She also was nominated for Teacher and Principal of the Year, as well as the Rhode Island College Alumni Award. Dr. Raptakis was a mentor for Principals and teachers and led many committees at the district level in Coventry. In addition, she served on numerous leadership committees at the state level. In 2016, she was the state and national winner of the Rookie of the Year Award for Innovative Education in Science for all elementary schools in the country. She most recently received the 2017 RI State Service Award from The Vince Lombardi Lodge. She has been a strong supporter of several charitable organizations in Rhode Island and has donated  her time and knowledge to improving her community and education for all students.

Email Donna

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to the Community College of Rhode Island Part-Time Faculty Association (CCRI-PTFA). Get in touch to learn more about our organization and how we can help you. Please feel free to visit the PTFA office in Room 3128 (Knight Campus) at your convenience or email us at


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