What Your Union Membership Provides

Job Security. Your collectively-bargained contract ensures steady employment at a fair wage.

Healthcare. Your bargaining team of colleagues and NEARI representatives negotiate access to healthcare - with the employer paying their fair share of the plan’s costs.

Fair Wages. Union workers earn higher wages than non-union workers because when workers unite to collectively bargain, we have power.

Paid Sick/Family Sick Leave. Your paid absence due to your illness or the illness of a family member is a rock-solid benefit negotiated in your contract.

Vacation Time. K-12 and higher education support staff, state, & municipal contracts include vacation days so you can have the time off that you deserve.

Personal & Bereavement Days. Sometimes emergencies arise. Your contract ensures you have the paid leave you need in these situations.

Member Benefits. Members can save hundreds of dollars a year with discounted rates on car insurance, homeowners insurance, appliances, car rentals, and more.

Representation. Members are entitled to representation by experts and union attorneys in matters beyond the contract, such as Dept. of Education hearings, retirement issues, human rights violations, and more.

Seniority Rights. You earned your standing in the workplace and your length of employment affords you certain benefits.

Just Cause Protection. An employer must have reason to discipline you or terminate you. This protection ensures that everyone gets a fair shake.

Grievance Rights. As a union member, you have the power and a formal procedure to object when your rights are violated or you have been unjustly treated.

Past Practice Rights. Your workplace norms may be protected even if they are outside of your contract.

A Voice in the Workplace. Members acting together present a strong, united front to management at the bargaining table and beyond.

Professional Development. NEA Rhode Island members have access to PD seminars and labor advocacy trainings to support your work in the classroom/workplace.

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