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We are the National Education Association Rhode Island

A labor union and professional organization

We teach in kindergarten story circles, high school physics labs, and college lecture halls. We answer school phones and keep buildings clean and safe. We direct school plays and coach soccer, counsel adolescents and help students with financial aid. We also run local libraries, operate town governments, and administer state health standards and programs.

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NEARI PD: Implicit Bias Training

A deep dive into understanding microaggressions, stereotypes and the implicit biases we carry - learning what they are, their impacts, and strategies to curb them in ourselves and others

Mandatory Reporter Training

Learn from a DCYF Trainer how the Safety Assessment and Family Evaluation (SAFE) model helps mandatory reporters identify children in need

Eval for Experienced Educators

This in-person workshop will refresh your memory about the process and what to expect throughout your evaluation year.