Winter Bargaining Conference: Saturday, January 20, 2024

Negotiating or renegotiating a contract? Join NEARI for our Winter Bargaining Conference on January 20 for a day of engagement and training to assist you and your team in success at the bargaining table.

Anticipated participants are those Local teams who are negotiating a contract for their unit this year or next year, but also those looking to sharpen their bargaining skills. We encourage members of a local to come as team, if possible.

This year, we are offering the conference at no additional cost to our members. Sessions and agenda coming soon.

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Winter Bargaining Conference Agenda


Check-in & Breakfast

NEARI President Val Lawson and NEARI Executive Director Mary Barden

9:15-10:45amSession I

Bargaining 101 (BEGINNER)

Mediation & Arbitration Panel (ADVANCED)

11:00am-12:30pmSession II

Data Matters (BEGINNER)

Tactics at the Table (ADVANCED)

Member Engagement (ALL LEVELS)

12:30-1:00pmLUNCH (provided)

Group discussions on issues of interest


Wrap up and closing remarks

Breakout Sessions

Sessions are offered in both Session I and Session II


Bargaining 101

Learn the nuts and bolts of contract negotiations. Key terms, rights, timeline, how to form a team, how to develop proposals, ground rules, tentative agreements and more!

Facilitators: NEARI UniServ Directors Crystal Bergantine and Leslie Florio, NEA Director and NEA Chariho President Vin Levcowich

Data Matters: Collecting and Utilizing Data with Your Membership

Union leaders are in charge of making important decisions on behalf of their members. In this seminar, participants will learn about the importance and benefits of collecting data from their members and how data can be used as a powerful tool during negotiations.

Facilitator: NEARI Assistant Treasurer and NEASK Co-president Brian Nelson

All Levels

Member Engagement: How to engage your members in the negotiations process before, during and after the contract ratification

How to use charting, organizing conversations, building mapping, surveys, direct communication and ways to engage members in the entire process from beginning to end.

Facilitators: NEARI Vice President Amy Mullen and NEARI UniServ Director Amanda Scott


Tactics at the Table and Beyond: Strategies for ratification with the membership

Learn how to strategically negotiate, how to anticipate responses from the other side and what to do when you get stuck.

Facilitators: NEARI UniServ Directors Fil Eden and Alex Lucini

Mediation and Arbitration: Overview of the Mediation and Arbitration process

When are you really at impasse? How do you prepare for Mediation and Arbitration and keep membership involved and engaged.

Facilitator/Panel: TBD