The National Education Association Rhode Island (NEARI) announced the launch of a campaign that centers on the union’s commitment to high quality public education. The ad campaign features NEARI Executive Director Mary Barden making a promise to parents and educators: We will protect our students while providing them high-quality learning and we will defend public education.

"Turn on the news or open your favorite social media app and you will see and hear attacks on public education from people who seek to distract and divide us. This campaign highlights the core values of our organization and I believe so deeply in our ideals, I wanted Rhode Islanders to hear it directly from me,” said Barden, a 20-year educator.

“Our classroom teachers and education support staff are trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to teaching children and helping them thrive in a welcoming environment where they are safe to be themselves without judgement. Our students should see themselves reflected and respected in age-appropriate books on their classroom shelves and they deserve to be taught an honest and accurate history, so they are prepared to create a better future.

“Educators partner with parents every day across the Ocean State to solve the real challenges facing our students and public schools. We need to respect and trust teachers in the classroom and focus on strengthening that parent partnership, so all students can grow into their full potential.”

NEARI has made a $200,000 investment through a grant secured from NEA, their national organization. A sixty-second ad will begin airing on Thanksgiving Day through the end of the year on WJAR, WPRI, WSNE, and cable programming. Viewers will also find the campaign online through digital and social media ads.

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