We answer school phones and keep buildings clean and safe. We direct school plays and coach soccer, counsel adolescents and help students with financial aid. We also run local libraries, operate town governments, and administer state health standards and programs.

Our Association is a remarkable blend of union and professional organization, with a proud history of serving Rhode Island. Since its inception in 1845, our members have been at the center of every struggle to advance the finest of American dreams: the promise of a quality public education for every child. One in every 100 Rhode Islanders is a member - chances are, you know us already!

The 12,000 members of NEARI are affiliated with the three million members of the National Education Association and the RI AFL-CIO. Read about our different membership categories.

NEARI headquarters

The NEARI headquarters is centrally located in Cranston at 99 Bald Hill Rd. (Rt. 2)

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