Members: Take a Look at What We Have for You


Classroom teachers and other educators are the backbone of NEA Rhode Island. They advocate for every child that passes their way, helping them achieve academically and learn the skills they will need to be successful and productive citizens. Read more about teachers

Education Support Professionals (ESPs)

ESPs take care of our students of all ages every day by making sure they have the tools they need to succeed in our schools and classrooms. They keep our schools clean and safe, and running smoothly for all members of the school community. Read more about ESPs

Higher Education

Both our public and private college and university faculty and staff help provide a vision for the state's future and an anchor for our young adults. Read more about higher education

State and Municipal Employees

Our state, city, and town employees work for the public good and support the communities they serve. Read more about state and municipal employees


The growing bank of retirees is a ready-made resource for all activities of the organization, especially when our senior members raise their collective voice to defend public education and protect worker interests on critical issues such as health care and Social Security. Read more about retirees