NEARI-PACE Recommends Gina Raimondo for Governor

October 11, 2108 – The National Education Association Rhode Island Political Action Committee for Education (NEARI-PACE) , in a special meeting, voted last night to recommend Gina Raimondo for Governor.

“We recognize this will be a difficult recommendation for some of our members due to the impact of pension changes,” said NEARI President Larry Purtill. “After due consideration, committee members felt the Governor’s remarks last night and her record as governor – specifically her work promoting all-day kindergarten, preschool, gun safety, the school construction bond, Rhode Island Promise, as well as addressing mental health concerns and strengthening equal protection for all students – merit a recommendation to NEARI members to support her in the election on November 6.

“With the current climate in Washington, we know she will stand with the labor movement and Rhode Islanders against the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine the progress we have made as a state. Her two main opponents are and will be supporters of the Trump agenda which does not benefit children, families or workers. For all these reasons and to move Rhode Island forward, we encourage members to vote for Gina Raimondo for Governor. We do not agree with the Governor on all issues. NEARI remains committed to and will continue to lobby the Governor and General Assembly for changes in the state pension system, continuing contracts, and a responsible contract resolution mechanism.”